Saturday, December 01, 2012

Take me home

                                                                                          Derp Daron -Take me home
                                                                                      Based on the novel of C.D.Axter
When Graue got up that morning, only Frankie seemed to be around. She asked him about Derp Daron, but sadly, he couldnt give much information. He was built and programmed few days before the invasion.
 'But why are you so sure that Im the princess? Just because of the necklace?' 'No one else could have it. We were programmed to find it, cause you would be found that way'
'Your dad loved you so very much princess. One of the few things i remember is how sad he looked the day the kids were sent to Earth'
 'Kids? Are there more kids like me?'
'Yes. But most of them reported dead, princess. They and their adopting families have been exterminated'
WHAT ? Graue felt dizzy. Her dad, the only one she knew, had to be warned, had to be saved.
'Frankie, I am the princess, right? So you will obey me'
'Yes, princess, just tell me what do you want me to do'
'Take me home'

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Problem detected

                                                                                   Derp Daron - Problem detected
                                                                                      Based on the novel of C.D.Axter

Wandering around, Graue found the computers' room.
In spite of its obvious importance, the place seemed to be abandoned.
 Probably the robots had not been there for a long time. Maybe they never did.
After a while of random search, some files caught her attention.
File archive
File archive

File archive

File archive
File archive

Sitting with her new friends, Graue couldnt help but worrying about what she had learned on the computer.
Before Derp Daron was invaded, some selected kids were sent to Earth to be protected.
There was an army ready to rescue the grown up kids and help them fight to recover the planet.
But the army was composed by disfunctional robots.
And she was supposed to lead them cause she was
 the Princess of Derp Daron.
                                                                                                                           (to be continued)
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hi there!
I love C.D.Axter's stories :)
Mixing them with my  diary  makes things too messy, even organizing them in pages. People complain they are not easy to follow or re read.
So I have decided to open this space here for them, and linked them to the  diary .
Right now we are in the middle of DERP DARON, C.D's last book...
I will follow Graue's, the grey girl,  adventures from HERE  ...  will you join ?